Critical Essay #1- Daina Taimina


Daina Taimina

I visited the Arkansas Union to view artwork by Daina Taimina. I observed that this work of art conveys actual line and shape. The painting relate to each other to create almost a series. It’s an abstract painting that is pulled together through color and texture.

The lines that section off other shapes are interesting especially with the spheres located perfectly in the middle. As intentional as it looks it somewhat looks unintentional in a way that seem random but they actually fit together and create an interesting piece that makes me want to observe closer. The straight lines versus the curves create a three-dimensional look that draws the viewer in. By using value on the lines she even makes the lines look 3 dimensional.By running the lines off the page she forces us to imagine beyond the paper she uses to paint which is called line extension. Actual lines are lines that are physically present in the work of art and she has a ton of line shown in her piece.

Shapes are created by the lines that are implied, such a squares and triangles. She uses color to decipher the different shapes and value and texture to make sure that the shapes don’t look flat. She uses space by putting the spheres in a triangle so that when were looking at it we aren’t really focusing on one area of the painting. She uses repetition with her straight lines and shapes. Variety is seen in the colors and different sizes of shapes and angles that the lines are pointing. Movement is also displayed in this piece because when a viewer looks at the piece their eyes move and follow the lines across the page. Continuity is shown throughout all of her works, they all relate to each other using lines and shapes. The colors are similar and they relate to each other, which is the definition of continuity.